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provide professional and experienced cleaning services for mites, dirt and dust

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Cleanesia is a dust, dirt and bed bug cleaning services provider with the HydroAllergenic System, 100% dry and chemical free therefore it is safe for your and your dear family health. We provide cleaning service in homes, offices, apartments, schools and others. Currently we focus on the area of Jakarta, Tangerang Bekasi and surrounding areas.

Why Cleanesia?

Best Service

Cleanesia is committed to providie the best service for you in maintaining a better and healthier quality of life

Best Quality

Cleanesia has quality procedures and standards in every cleaning process


Cleanesia has experienced both technical and non-technical aspects of the cleaning process which are very essential to the quality of services generated


Cleanesia uses quality tools, reliable methods and solid team. We provide assurance that the media will be cleaned with measurable standards and quality

Do you realize that you spend one third of your llife on the bed and pillow ? and do you realize every time you sleep together with millions of mites that are ready to bite your skin?

What is Mites?

Mites are a group of animals whose size is very small and its main food is "Human Dead Skin”. Some mites are known to be vector spreaders and allergens. Mites also cause scabies, a disease that is easily transmitted. And do you know that in a bed / mattress can be occupied by millions of mites?

Where is Mites Live?

Mites live and multiply easily in a warm and humid place. A Dust mite particles are often found on pillows, mattresses, rugs and upholstered furniture. They can float into the air, walk on carpets or move to bed and settle for breeding.

What Clean House was free from Mites?

Answer : No

A media which seems clean from dust does not guarantee that the media is clean of mites. With its microscopic size, a normal cleaning procedure is not sufficient to remove mites from these media.

Mites are allergens whose symptoms can be present at any time. They can cause allergic rhinitis and can trigger asthma and eczema flares. Mites are also a major cause of asthma for children.

How to Destroy Mites?

The Cleaning normal dust method is not sufficient to lift these microscopic animals as they can adapt and multiply deep inside of media such as mattresses, pillows, carpets, curtains and other media with layers of textile.

For mites living deep inside of the media, of course, a special technology and treatment are needed to lift them out. We recommend not using any chemicals as they have a negative impact on humans.

Our Service



We provide professional and experienced cleaning services for mites, dirt and dust on media in the form of mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains and other upholstered media with the HydroAllergenic System, 100% dry and chemicals free.

We provide service cleaning in houses, offices, apartments, schools and others as necessary.

How We Work?

  1. Cleanesia will clean the dust and mites that exist on the media by using the Double Filter System, namely
    • vacuum separator technology, has suction power of more than 20,000 rpm which is able to separate air, dust particles and sucked mites by isolating in water media as it does not fly into the air.
    • HEPA .
  2. Dust and mites will be trapped in the water media, while HEPA serves as a trap when dust is not trapped in the water media.
  3. Our staff will keep replacing the water until it is close to clear.
  4. Our staff will always demonstrate any water replacement to show dust trapped in the media.
  5. Duration of the cleaning process will depend on the type / size of the media being cleaned and the level of soiling.

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Mobile: +62 8111 9666 34

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Office : Jl Administrasi II Blok A No. 18, Tanah Abang,Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta.

Mobile : +62 8111 9666 34
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